What the ‘A’ in LGBTQA+ Means

There has been quite a bit of confusion in past years, as to what exactly the ‘A’ in the LGBTQA+ community stands for.

Well, the asexual community is here to set the record straight.

As Denise Frohman stated, “…Dear straight allies, more please!” Allies are wonderful. They are integral to our continued support in the world at large. They are also important to our fight for equality, however slow that process might seem at times.

But that ‘A’ in LGBTQA+ was never meant to represent allies. It was – and always will be – meanted to represent the asexual members of our community, commonly referred to as ‘Aces’.

However, these same ‘aces’ often face discrimination and invalidation at the hands of the LGBTQA+ community.

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